Back at it: Summer 2015

It all started when I received this email from my dad titled “17 Ways to Finally Make That Change.” You should take a look at it here. And it got me really thinking…

Background story:

I have grown up at an average weight and average height. I had a big appetite, but I always saw this as a thing to be proud of. My dad always complimented me that when I ate a lot, it was because I was “growing.” I never was insecure about my weight and size. Growing up I was fairly active whether it was sports or just activities with my family and friends. I never viewed exercise as a requirement for being healthy. I thought it was just fun.

It wasn’t until maybe my senior year that I realized that maybe it was time I “stopped growing.” I was tired of buying new sizes, and then it really hit me. I was 150lbs. How did I gain 30lbs in less than four years? I was now unable to fit into my sports’ jerseys and was self-conscious of how I looked in any clothing attire I had on. I now was wearing the hand-me-downs from my aunts that I always viewed for enormous sizes. (They lost weight and gave me their old jeans.)

It was then that I started to attempt to eat healthier and make exercise a regular part of my lifestyle. A quick summary is that now it’s summer, and next fall I will be starting my sophomore year in college. I currently weight 160lbs, and I’m not proud of it.

I’m not proud how I indulge food not enjoy it.

I’m not proud how I mindlessly eat food.

I’m not proud how I binge eat when I know I’m not supposed to.

I’m not proud how I don’t have set meal times.

I’m not proud how I lost 5lbs in January and then gained 10lbs.

But you know what?

I’m proud that I have not given up, not lost hope. Summer 2015? You are my next challenge.


  • June 17-July 1
    • Run 15 miles
    • Workout 5x a week (dog walking counts!)
    • Track meals
    • Avoid processed foods
    • Avoid sugar
    • Avoid fried food
    • No eating after 9pm

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