Dirty Dozen and Clean 15


There are so many health trends that people get sucked into without noticing if it is worth investing into financially.

Here is one of them: organic foods.

Not all food needs to be bought organic! Check it out and save some money!


Tips on Stopping a Cold

It stinks being sick.

My head feels like a hot air balloon, my throat feels like it’s enflamed, and my chest feels like I ran the Ironman.

Here are some helpful tips carried down from my family to prevent what I’m feeling.

1. Drink Lots of Water
hydrate! hydrate! hydrate! Water will help a sore throat that’s starting to appear. It feels so good to have that nice cool liquid in that dry throat- trust me!
2. Gargle Saltwater
ugh! Not the most fun thing, but it helps kill those nasty bacteria dudes in your throat! As my Ma-Ma says,

Put as much salt as you can in there and gargle for 20 seconds!

3. Hot water, Lemon, and Honey
yum! This is the b-e-s-t. I’m drinking at least 6 cups a day! (and making 2x the amount of bathroom trips) This mixture will sooth your throat after coughing fits! Put as much honey and lemon to your heart’s desire.
4. Vitamin C
orange. Anything orange usually have vitamin C… oranges, tangerines. I usually take Emergen-C packets! This will help your immune system!
5. Sleep!
zzzz! Get those 8+ hours of sleep! This will give your body time to heal and get some rest!
6. Bundle up!
cozy! I’m nonstop wearing my infinity scarves and slippers! These help my stay warm and cozy… and I don’t mind that at all.
7. Eat Healthy!
greens! NO SWEETS. I cannot express this enough. Give your body the nutrients it needs! Soups are great for this! Throw in a bunch of veggies and get a warm nutritious meal!

Hope this helps! It’s helping me, and I cannot wait to get back to school! Wait, math test? *cough, cough* I might have to stay home one day…