• Income $$$
  • Restriction on food
  • Experience for the future (social interactions!)
  • Something to do!


  • Less time to do homework
  • Tiring (My poor feet)
  • Less motivating to work out

So far working has not improved my healthy lifestyle. 😦 I have been eating big breakfasts, eating a little snack, drinking a small soy latte, and then eating a bit for dinner and a LOT of snacks afterwards till 10 pm. In addition to this crazy meal schedule, I have not worked out at all.

So here’s to a new month. July. July, you shall be the month of my transformation. Here’s to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body.


No Pain. No Gain. (or lost weight)


Okay. I’m not going to give up. I’m determined now. I cannot do this on my own. Lord, please give me the strength I need.

Yes. Weight loss.

to be fit
to be strong
to be healthy
to be active

Current weight:
145 lbs

Goal weight:
120 lbs

Let’s do this. Will you join me?