Too Much of Good Stuff

I eat pretty healthy for the most part. I make sure I get my nutrients. Eat my vegetables, avoid fried food.

But there are certain things that are good for you in moderation.

For example, cereal. My little secret enemy.

It’s fine if I have ONE bowl per day. And it’s healthy too! (Kashi or just granola) BUT having more than 10 bowls a day (no hyperbole there) is NOT okay.

Dear self, I know it’s yummy and healthy, but in moderation. I should know when my limit is and when I get addicted.

So here’s to continuing my health journey and changing habits such as too many bowls of cereal. (plus who likes farting too much? Not me!)


Back at it: Summer 2015

It all started when I received this email from my dad titled “17 Ways to Finally Make That Change.” You should take a look at it here. And it got me really thinking…

Background story:

I have grown up at an average weight and average height. I had a big appetite, but I always saw this as a thing to be proud of. My dad always complimented me that when I ate a lot, it was because I was “growing.” I never was insecure about my weight and size. Growing up I was fairly active whether it was sports or just activities with my family and friends. I never viewed exercise as a requirement for being healthy. I thought it was just fun.

It wasn’t until maybe my senior year that I realized that maybe it was time I “stopped growing.” I was tired of buying new sizes, and then it really hit me. I was 150lbs. How did I gain 30lbs in less than four years? I was now unable to fit into my sports’ jerseys and was self-conscious of how I looked in any clothing attire I had on. I now was wearing the hand-me-downs from my aunts that I always viewed for enormous sizes. (They lost weight and gave me their old jeans.)

It was then that I started to attempt to eat healthier and make exercise a regular part of my lifestyle. A quick summary is that now it’s summer, and next fall I will be starting my sophomore year in college. I currently weight 160lbs, and I’m not proud of it.

I’m not proud how I indulge food not enjoy it.

I’m not proud how I mindlessly eat food.

I’m not proud how I binge eat when I know I’m not supposed to.

I’m not proud how I don’t have set meal times.

I’m not proud how I lost 5lbs in January and then gained 10lbs.

But you know what?

I’m proud that I have not given up, not lost hope. Summer 2015? You are my next challenge.


  • June 17-July 1
    • Run 15 miles
    • Workout 5x a week (dog walking counts!)
    • Track meals
    • Avoid processed foods
    • Avoid sugar
    • Avoid fried food
    • No eating after 9pm